Seahawk Hydro Tank 100L

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SeaHawk Hydro Tanks are designed for seamless integration with hydroponic systems, providing reliable storage for water or nutrient solutions.

SeaHawk Hydro Water Tanks are made from heavy-duty, UV and mold resistant PVC.

Their flexible and collapsible design allows for convenient storage when not in use.

SeaHawk Hydro Tanks contribute to sustaining uniform water temperatures and pH levels, ensuring ideal conditions for plant growth.

While these tanks are purpose-built for hydroponic use, their adaptability knows no bounds, constrained solely by your imagination.


Hydro Tank 100 Litre

Height: 78cm

Diameter: 40cm

Hydro Tank 200 Litre

Height: 70cm

Diameter: 60cm

Hydro Tank 250 Litre

Height: 88cm

Diameter: 60cm

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