Rhizo stand XL

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Effortlessly eliminate run-off with Rhizo Pot Stands, designed for quick and cost-effective drainage. The inclined structure ensures that excess water (waste feed) is directed away promptly, preventing reabsorption by your plants.

Use these stands to guard against overwatering, nutrient accumulation, and root decay, stopping plants from taking up stale, oxygen-deprived feed. Achieving the ideal run-off range of 20 – 30% is a breeze, helping you avoid nutrient and salt concentration in your growing medium. Direct waste feed disposal is made simple, either to a drain or a collection tray nearby.

Rhizo Stands are compatible with 25mm piping and adaptable for 13mm or 19mm pipes with appropriate connectors.

Key Benefits:

  • Swiftly channels away run-off
  • Shields against waterlogging, nutrient overload, and root disease
  • Clean, spill-free operation
  • User-friendly and economical
  • Dimensions: 52cm x 52cm x 12cm
  • Connects to 25mm piping systems

Stand only – does not include fittings – sold separately

Extras recommended with this item:

  • POTRHI125 – IWS Pro Elbow Fitting (25mm)
  • POTRHI130 – IWS BSP Pro Tee Fitting (25mm)
  • POTRHI140 – IWS Pro Locknut (25mm) – Recommend purchasing 1 with ELBOW and/or TEE Fittings
  • POTRHI135 – IWS Pro DWC Washer (25mm) – Recommend purchasing 2 with ELBOW and/or TEE Fittings

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