Havel Humidifier Cool Mist 16L

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A 15-liter humidifier with intelligent controls and focused vapour delivery to achieve the perfect humidity levels for healthy plant growth. To ensure that there are no leaks in the water tank and to prolong and preserve its extended operating lifespan, its body is specifically sealed for greater water resistance. The controller has timed programming, integrated humidity and VPD triggering, and it uses a wired sensor probe to provide precise readings. The advance EC ultrasonic vaporiser distributes moisture throughout your grow area by digitally pulsing water once it is turned on. With this level of control and intelligent programming, you may adjust the environment to promote optimal nutrient absorption.

UV sterilization Timer

Capacity: 16L

Power: 80W

Max Output Mist:1100mL/h

Cold Mist

Intelligent Constant Humidity

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