Gorilla Grow Tent (4x4) 122x122x213-244cm

Gorilla Grow Tent (4x4) 122x122x213-244cm

Gorilla Grow Tent is world renowned for their tall and tough horticultural grow rooms! Built without..


PINELAB 1.2x1.2x2.13 GROW TENT hover image

PINELAB 1.2x1.2x2.13 GROW TENT

PINELAB 1.2x1.2x2.13 GROW TENTThe Pinelabâ„¢ 4x4 is the ultimate home-gardener solution! 1.2m x 1..


PINELAB 2.4x1.2x2.13 GROW TENT hover image

PINELAB 2.4x1.2x2.13 GROW TENT

PINELAB 2.4x1.2x2.13 GROW TENTThe Pinelabâ„¢ 4x8 is ultra-effective cleanroom cultivation! Our Pinelab..


SEAHAWK .70x.50x.60M TENT

SEAHAWK .70x.50x.60M TENT

SEAHAWK .70x.50x.60M TENT..


GARDIS .75X.60X.60M TENT sale


GARDIS .75X.60X.60M TENT..

$79.99 $98.95

SEA HAWK TENTS- 1.0x1.0x2.0M sale

SEA HAWK TENTS- 1.0x1.0x2.0M

SEA HAWK TENTS- 1.0x1.0x2.0M..

$160.00 $175.89

GARDIS 1x1x2M TENT sale



$176.00 $188.99

SEAHAWK 1.2x1.2x2M TENT sale


SEAHAWK 1.2x1.2x2M TENT ..

$190.00 $209.99

GARDIS 1.2x1.2x2.15M TENT sale

GARDIS 1.2x1.2x2.15M TENT

GARDIS 1.2x1.2x2.15M TENT ..

$189.99 $209.99

SEAHAWK 1.45x.80x2M TENT sale

SEAHAWK 1.45x.80x2M TENT

SEAHAWK 1.45x.80x2M TENT ..

$190.00 $211.99

SEAHAWK 1.45x.1.45x2M TENT sale

SEAHAWK 1.45x.1.45x2M TENT

SEAHAWK 1.45x.1.45x2M TENT ..

$229.90 $253.99

GARDIS 1.5x.1.5x2.15M TENT
SEAHAWK 2.4x.1.2x2M TENT sale

SEAHAWK 2.4x.1.2x2M TENT

SEAHAWK 2.4x.1.2x2M TENT..

$299.00 $339.00

GARDIS 2.4x.1.2x2.15M TENT sale

GARDIS 2.4x.1.2x2.15M TENT

GARDIS 2.4x.1.2x2.15M TENT..

$299.00 $339.00

SEAHAWK 2.4x.2.4x2M TENT sale

SEAHAWK 2.4x.2.4x2M TENT

SEAHAWK 2.4x.2.4x2M TENT..

$449.00 $499.98

SEAHAWK 2.9x.1.45x2M TENT sale

SEAHAWK 2.9x.1.45x2M TENT

SEAHAWK 2.9x.1.45x2M TENT..

$349.00 $394.00

SEAHAWK 2.9x.1.45x2.3M TENT sale

SEAHAWK 2.9x.1.45x2.3M TENT


$360.00 $459.80

JUNGLE ROOM 2.95x2.95x2.0M

JUNGLE ROOM 2.95x2.95x2.0M

Become the King of your urban jungle with Jungle Room Indoor Harvest Systems! These heavy duty tents..


SEAHAWK 2.9x2.9x2.3 TENT

SEAHAWK 2.9x2.9x2.3 TENT

SEAHAWK 2.9x2.9x2.3 TENT..


GARDIS 3.0x.1.5x2.15M TENT sale

GARDIS 3.0x.1.5x2.15M TENT

GARDIS 3.0x.1.5x2.15M TENT..

$389.99 $447.00

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