Worm Castings 20 L

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Southern No Till Worm Castings

  • Contains highly beneficial soil biology
  • Rich in bioavailable nutrients
  • Build plant and soil health
  • Suppresses pests and disease
  • Increases nutrient uptake
  • Improves soil structure 
  • Increases yield and crop quality

Worm castings are a key soil amendment for successful, organic crop production. Castings are rich in easily available, long term essential plant nutrients and trace elements that promote plant health and vigour. Teeming with a highly beneficial population of microbes in key, functional groups for efficient nutrient cycling in organic gardens. The worms that produce these castings are raised in aged manure from regeneratively managed horses in Victoria. Worms are fed a controlled and consistent diet free from landfill and green waste.

A little of this product goes a long way.
Top dress: Apply a layer on soil around plants. Mulch with
straw and water in.
Potting mixes: Add worm castings anywhere from 5 to
20% of total volume.
Application Frequency: If building soil fertility, apply once per fortnight until the
garden is thriving. Apply bi-monthly to maintain peak soil
health in productive gardens.

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