Slim 650S - Dimmable LED Grow Light - 650w (Triple Dimmer) 3500K (UV/IR) LH351H V2

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Slim 650S - Dimmable LED Grow Light - 650w (Triple Dimmer) 3500K (UV/IR) LH351H V2

Slim650S is engineered to give you performance far beyond what any other LED Grow Light company has in the market today including Samsungs all-new record-breaking LH351H Version 2 660nm Deep Red LED Chips at 3.75 umols/j and LH351H 450nm Royal Blue LEDs paired with the Samsung White LM301H LEDs which are above 3.0 umols/J with a 3way dimmable system running 3,096 LEDs total for next-generation efficiency and tuning capabilities. Slim 650S is by far the most advanced LED Grow Light ever manufactured. Slim 650S when combined with our touch screen master controller gives growers the power to recreate mother nature with precision control.
Slim 650S is the first-ever Bar Light Fixture to deliver 3 Way Spectrum Control with Independent Dimmers for Red, Blue, and White LEDs. Early in VEG, you can crank up the blue dimmer to give you thicker stems, tighter node spacing, and bushier plants that yield better in flower. Early in flower if your plants are stretching too much you can also turn up the blue LEDs for less stretching. Then you can unleash the Samsung Deep Red LEDs to give you amazing flowering production, Dense buds & heavyweight yields. The list of benefits goes on, Slim 650S is in a very special class of LED Grow Lights that offer true spectrum control. 

          Slim 650S has all the best components in the industry but is also designed to last twice as long as all other grow lights today. Dimmers come standard with Slim series lights as well as the industry's most overbuilt cooling system & top quality, long-lasting Meanwell Drivers. Optic LED was the first mainstream LED Grow Light company to begin using LM301H and now we are the first to publicly disclose our collaboration with Samsung and using their newest record-setting technology with full transparency from their Horticulture Specific Line of LEDs.

NEW! Samsung LH351H - 3.75 umols/J

overage Footprint:

Flower:                                           Veg:           

4' x 4' area (1.2m x 1.2m)                4' x 4' area (Up to 7' x 7' area)

Max: 5' x 5' area (1.5m x 1.5m)   

         (4' x 4' Grow Tent / 1.2m x 1.2m)

Hanging Height & Dimmer Settings : 


Seedling: 48"+    / 25% Power
Vegetative: 48" + / 50% Power (or 24" @ 25% Power)


Wk1-3 - @24-30""     / 50% Power
Wk4-6 @18" - 24"  / 75% Power
Wk7-8 @18" - 24"  / 100% Power
Wk9-10 @12" - 18" / 100% Power
Pro Tips: It's always best to set the light up higher and let the plants grow up into the light.


Slim 650S Components:

LEDs3,096 Total LEDs 

3500k White LEDs: 

- Top Bin Samsung LM301H LEDs  3000k & 4000k Mixed


Full Spectrum White Light 3500k (Mixed White Light LEDs) (Full Power on 3 dimmers)

+ 660nm Deep RED 450nm Royal Blue + ultraviolet + 730nm Far Red

Slim 650S Specifications:

Total LEDs: 3,096

Model of LEDs: Samsung LH351H V2 Reds, LH351H Blue, LM301H White. 

PPFD @10": 1,342

ppf/w :  3.15 umols/J

ppf: 1,750 umols

Grams Per Watt: up to 2.8

Yield: Up to 1,820 grams / 65 oz / up to 4.06 lbs

HID/HPS equivalency: 1300 watts DE HPS 

Kelvin: 3500K Day Light White Base + Deep Red + Royal Blue + UV + IR

IP Rating: IP65 Waterproof

Total LEDs: 3,096

LEDs Per Watt: 4.75

White LEDs - Samsung LM301H 6 LEDs Per Watt (500 Watts)

Red LEDs: Samsung LH351H .72 LEDs per Watt (100 Watts)

Blue LEDs: Samsung LH351H .64 LEDs per Watt (50 Watts)

Actual Max Power Draw: 650 watts max

Amps:  5.5 Amps at 120v ( 2.8 Amps @ 240v)

Voltage : Internationally Used 110 volts - 277volts (240v cord sold seperately)

Lifetime: 25 Years 

Warranty: 10 Years full warranty (Industry Best)

Release Date: ´╗┐October 2020

Shipping: Free Shipping in Canada and to 60+ countries 

Light Fixture: 42" x 42" Vertical Farming Aluminum BAR Fixture - folds in half

Cables: 6 Foot attached power cord 

Plug: USA, CANADA, EURO, Commercial, etc. (240v sold separately)

(We automatically ship the correct cord for your country)

Dimming3 Dimmer Knobs 5%-100%. 3-Way Spectrum Control 

Spectrum Control: 3 Dimmer Knobs 5%-100%. 3-Way Spectrum Control 

TouchScreen Master Controller: 2 ports, Fully Compatible. 3 Dimmer control

Fixture Dimensions: 42" x 42" x 4.5" 

Fixture Weight: 40 lbs (Aluminum Fixture + Driver Case)

Shipping Weight: 50 lbs

Hanger: Comes with 4 adjustable rope ratchet hangers.

Recommended for: Grow Tents, Grow Rooms, Greenhouses & Indoor Cultivations. 

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