Rhizo Brain System 4 Stand Small

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Growing & Drainage Systems

Remove run-off the fast, easy and affordable way with RhizoStands.

They’re sloped, to automatically channel run-off (waste feed) away before it get reabsorbed by your plants.

Use them to prevent oversaturation, mineral build ups and root rot, since plants can’t reabsorb stagnant, unoxygenated feed.

You’ll also find it easy to reach the optimum run-off of 20 – 30%, so that minerals and salts don’t build up in your pot.

If you’re using RhizoPots, air will still reach and air prune roots so you get a stronger, healthier root network.

You can send the waste feed straight to a nearby drain or waste collection tray.

Both size RhizoStands (Standard and XL) connect to 25mm pipes, but you can use them with 13mm or 19mm pipes with the right connections.


• Removes run-off before it gets reabsorbed.
• Prevents oversaturation, mineral build ups & root rot.
• No spillages – clean and efficient.
• Affordable & easy to use.
• 37.5cm x 37.5cm x 11cm (Standard) or 52cm x 52cm x 12cm (XL).
• Connects to 25mm pipes.


Push the threaded elbow or tee through the stand drain hole, from the outside in.

Put the rubber washer over the threaded end on the inside of stand.

Thread the fastening nut over the thread. You may need to use a little force, wriggling, and anti-clockwise movements with the nut to get it in this tight position. Be careful not to cross thread otherwise you may break the attachment or get a leak.


If you’re using RhizoStands, you need a RhizoSystem Brain Controller. –  It gathers and pumps all run-off into a waste bucket or drain for you.

You can connect up to 6 lines, and up to 72 stands to each controller.

Run-off drained from all RhizoStands gathers in your Brain Controller. Once your Brain is full, it automatically empties waste to a drain or bucket (via a pump).

You won’t need a timer for your pump – emptying is triggered by a reliable float switch. Just make sure you keep your pump plugged in.

• Automatically empties
• Reliable magnetic float switch (to trigger emptying)
• Maxi-Jet 1000 pump – removes up to of 1000L per hour
• 6 inlet pipes – connect up to 6 lines of stands
• Blanking caps included for unused inlets (no leaks)
• Connect up to 72 stands in total

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