SeeGree Quantum Board Led 480w

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Quantum Board Led 480w by SEEGREE


  1. Passive heat sinking, no fans, no noise, DIY Design.
  2. Full spectrum with IR and UV, perfect for the full stage of growing.
  3. No wiring on the PCB with integrated PCB,much nicer looking.
  4. With high quality Samsung led chip,Mean-well driver, quality Is guaranteed.
  5. With aluminium strip to connect the panel together,can make higher watts with basic


POWER                               480W  REAL Power: 480w

PPFD                                   Height 12",1259 u  mol /(m.s) height 24", 660 u mol /(m.s)

COVERAGE                      5x5 feet

LED quantity                      624PCS X Samsung LM301 B

CUREENT                          1.25A

POWER FACTOR              >0,85

SIZE                                   650*185X50MM

UMOL                                 2,3 Per watt

INPUT VOLTAGE                AC 85~265V

SPECTRUM                        Full Spectrum

LED BRAND                        Samsung LM301B

IP GRADE                            IP 54

ANGLE                                 120 degree

MATERIAL                            Aluminium

STORAGE TEMP                -30C~60C

WORKING TEMP                -25C~45C

LIFE                                     50000 HOURS

WARRANTY                        5 YEAR

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