Ozistar 6 bar 480W | Inbuilt UV-IR

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  • The ground-breaking Ozistar 480W UV IR LED Bar Lamp has been developed especially for high PPFD growing in low ceiling. This Led offers an extensive variety of light that can improve plant growth and maximise yields. It has 480w true power and 6 bars of Full Spectrum with UV/IR.

    The Ozistar 480W UV IR LED has practical features including dimming capability, an extremely light design, and simple installation thanks to a remote mountable driver. Asymmetrical integrated reflectors improve photon delivery, providing in higher-quality yields even at lower levels of the canopy while reducing hot spots. It is the perfect option for vertical rack and tent grows since the improved open design allows for unhindered circulation for more effective ventilation. Much better reeplacemnt of 600w HPS. Much cooler and cost effective.

    Ozistar 480W UV IR LED

    Model: BT 720t

    True power:480W


    PPF: 1272umol/s

    Input Voltage:100-277Vac


    Product Dimension: 696x750x40mm

    Channeel 1 :


    Channel 2

    OSRAM 660NM

    IR 730NM


    3 years Warranty

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