Dripping PRO3 Intelligent Home Plants Drip Watering Kit Wifi Control Automatic Irrigation System

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1. have you ever had an experience to travel or forget watering Caused plants dying or in poor condition?Don't worry,Dripping Pro can eliminate these troubles for you.
 2. Dripping Pro is our introduction of a potted plant automatic water replenishment artifact, Designed for balconies,homes,offices or small greenhouses, through the blueteeth connection, mobile app control,timed and quantitative supplements for your beloved plants filled with water or nutrient solution.
 3. Wisdom of the use of arrows to plant micro-irrigation,water into a trickle Fine flow meticulous care, can be at the same time for up to 8 pots of plants to replenish water.
 4. The new program supports automatic saving of parameters. The parameters are not reset even if the power is accidentally disconnected.
> App download (Currently only supports English)
1. Scan QR code download installation (in English manual)
2. Applicatcation Market Download Installation
  •  Apple users in the App Store search for "Dripping Pro'' Download and install.
  •  Android mobile phone users in Google player search for "Dripping Pro'' Download and install.
> Is setup and setup complex?
 Installation and setup are very simple, generally 5-10 minutes can complete all installation settings.
> Do you nedd to buy additional accessories?
No need.The product itself is equipped with all the accessories that can be poured into eight potted plants.
> Can liquid drip add nutrient liquid?
 Liquid fertilizer can be dripping in the liquid,will not adversely affect the product.

Essential details
Other Watering & Irrigation

Model Number:
Dripping Pro3
Product name:
drip irrigation system
Landscape Gardening Production
Agriculture Drip Irrigation Pipe System
Flow rate:
Feature 2:
Easy to carry
Feature 3:
Wifi control
Feature 4:
DC 12V
Pump Tube:
silicone tube
Number of arrows:

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