Mammoth Silica 500ml

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Mammoth Silica - The Solution for Strength and Stature

Mammoth Silica is a liquid product designed for growers to use throughout the growth cycle of plants, from vegetative to bloom stage. Its' unique formulation allows for increased bioavailability of silicic acid, resulting in maximum silicon uptake by the plant. This, in turn, helps improve cellular development and increases the production of cell walls, making the plant's framework more stable and sturdy. With one low use rate of 0.13 mL/L, Mammoth Si is all you need for your entire growth cycle.

Features and Benefits

  • Simple to Use: Uniquely formulated with a single product and low application rate for the entire growth cycle.
  • Efficient Plant Availability: Increased bioavailability of silicic acid for maximum silicon uptake.
  • Strong Shoots: Improved cellular development and increased production of cell walls.
  • Works With Your Existing Nutrient Range: Compatible with a typical fertilizer regime.

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