Lettuce Mesh Net Pot 45mm Diameter x 50mm Deep

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Lettuce Hydroponic Net Pots 45 x 50mm

Net pots are used to hold grow media and plants in hydroponic systems. These net pots are a great size for growing lettuces or other similar sized plants.

Use in NFT channels, Deep Water Culture, top feeding systems, aquaponics and flood and drain systems.
Volume is approx 40ml per net pot - fill with Clay Pebbles or Perlite.
Made from polypropylene (PP) or plastic number 5, considered safe for Hydroponics and Aquaponics, and isBPA free.
Used widely for horticulture and food production.

Collar / Holesaw Size: 45mm
Rim Size: 53mm
Height: 50mm
Volume: 40ml

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