Canna Bio Flores 1lt

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BIO CANNA BIO FLORES : Is a complete plant based nutrient for fast growing plants in potting mixes or open soil during the flowering stage.BIO CANNA Bio vega contains natural betaine for healthy growth and flowering.BIO CANNA LIQUID NUTRIENTS are produced by a special fermentation process. they are rich in directly available and absorable nutrients,protiens,fruit acids(AHA)vitamins.


  • Shake well before use.
  • dissolve 40ml Concentrate per 10 L of water.
  • Depending on pot and plant size feed 1-3 tims a week depending on the fertillity of the potting mix,
  • The dilulted nutrient solution does not need to be acidfied.
  • used up mixed solution with in 24 hours.
  • feed by drip irrigation :To prevent blockages always rinse out the pipes with water,

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