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BIO CANNA  BIO BOOST:-   Is a flower biostimulant containing plant extracts to assist the plant in its development of flowers and fruits.BIOBOOST is full of bioactive ingredients a great tonic for your esures that the plants can get all the elements needed for strong flowering.the result is sturdy and vigorous fructification with on increase in fruit sugar content.BIOBOOST not only helps to achieve higher productivity it also has apositive effect on the flavour and smell.

DIRECTION OF USE:-Instructions for soil application:

  • shake well before use.
  • BIOBOOSTAdd 20 ml BIOBOOST per 10 liter of water.
  • Use diluted soultion within 7 days.
  • BIOBOOST is suitable for use on all substrates and growing systems.
  • use BIOBOOST in combinations with your regular feed.

instruction for follar application:

  • shake well before use.
  • Add 2ml BIOBOOST per 1liter of water.
  • use the solution immediately.
  • Do not spray in direct sun/light,this might cause leaf scorching.

storage,health & safety and other directions:

  • keep out of reach of children.
  • Over fertilisation has a negative effect on the substrate,the plant and nature in general.
  • store closed in a dark and frost-proof place,
  • Do not use together with hydrogen peroxide products,
  • BIOCANNA developed biocanna ,bio vega&bio flores specially for the growing- and flowering phase of the plant.  

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