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CMX is a calicum and magnesium additive.
Use as a preventing nutrient deficiency symptoms.  
CMX also contains all trace elements (Fe, Cu, Mn, Zn, Mo, B).  
Many deficiency symptoms are actually due to trace element deficiencies

Deficiency symptoms are all too common in growing systems that contain heavy feeders, or suffer from lack of maintenance or poor quality water.  CMX protects plants against problems such as:

  • Calcium Deficiency - Blossom-end-rot
  • Upward leaf curl
  • Withered flower / fruit set
  • Interveinal chlorosis
  • Stunted growth rates

Contains 6% calcium, 2% magnesium, 0.2% iron EDDHA (NPK 4-0-0) and all of the other trace element (copper, zinc and manganese as EDTA, molybdenum and boron).  

Use 0.5 to 1ml per litre

Used in Hydro, Coco and Soil

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