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Wilma kit large ideal use for 120 x 120 x 2 M GROW TENT 

Wilma Systems are comparable to having a personal assistant for your gardening. They combine the simplicity of gardening in pots with the effort-saving benefits of having a timer-based automatic feeding system.

You can use any growing medium with the Wilma System, whether you’re a fan of soil, clay pebbles, rockwool, coco, or any other medium for that matter. We recommend using clay pebbles as this ensures plenty of aeration at the root zone and also makes the systems easier to set-up and manage.

Wilma Systems are based on re-circulating hydroponics and utilise a simple dripper system to allow timer-based scheduled feeding. A timer is not included in the kit but we have inexpensive timers (see FAQs below) available which will let you effortlessly set your own feeding schedules.

Wilma Systems are great for automating the process of hand watering your plants daily and they’re also perfect for making the transition from soil to hydroponic gardening. It is worth noting one of the key benefits of switching from hand watering to automatic watering is the growth advantages.  

Feeding plants little and often has been shown to be much more effective at growing large, high-yielding plants when compared to hand watering once a day. The timer-based dripper system also dramatically reduces the risk of overwatering/overfeeding that is associated with hand watering plants.

These large Wilma systems have a reservoir volume of 50 litres and the tray measures 75cm x 75cm x 20cm. There are three systems available, one with 6 litre pots, one with 11 litre pots, and one with 18 litre pots. The tray is a standard size so you can interchange between these pot sizes effortlessly without having to purchase another system.

There are also other sizes of Wilma System available, from small to XXL to suit a whole host of growing environments, so check out the other sizes if this large system does not match your needs.

  • This kit does not include any clay pebbles. You will need approximately 72L of clay pebbles to fill up the 4 pots.

Wilma 4 Pot

Kit Contains:

  • Reservoir 50lt top tray
  • 4x18lt pots
  • Pump delivery system
  • 4x flood drippers
  • 4x arrow drippers
  • Emptying tube
  • Full instructions

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