Hailea ACO-208 Air Compressor

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Hailea ACO-208 air compressor

The ACO-208 is a piston driven pump designed for exceptionally large airflow for the size of the unit pumping out up to 35ltr per min.  Ideal for running several applications from same pump and is virtually maintenance free.  The case is made of high quality ZL 102 aluminum alloy with streamline design, heat dissipation is more effective.  Driven by electrical magnetic motor, which is of low power consumption creating large air output and high air pressure.


Product Type:                                                    Air

Flow:                                                                     35L/min

Pressure Bar:                                                     0.015mpa

Weight (kg):                                                       0.9

Voltage:                                                               230

Dimensions:                                                       142x80x78mm

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