G-Lite 3.8 LT Fabric Pot

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Fabric Pots for Professional Growers

At GeoPot, we care about your crop - we created the G-Lite Professional Fabric Pot line to provide growers with an economical option for commercial or large scale production that doesn't sacrifice quality and durability for quantity. Our models with handles are the perfect container for professional growers, and make transport and movement of potted plants easy. 

Slimmed-Down Design

The G-Lite fabric pots are made of a slightly thinner material and only have two stitches on the side as opposed to the quad stitching on the Traditional GeoPot fabric pot. It however is still sewn with a high quality bonded polyester thread, and can withstand constant moisture and UV exposure. The reduced material thickness also allows us to offer G-Lites at a lower price than our traditional GeoPots, making them great for cost-conscious growers, or growers on a strict budget. Our Square bottom design also allows growers to maximize growing space, especially when using tray based systems. 

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