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Flirmask is a groundbreaking material designed to offer unmatched thermal radiation reflection and FLIR infrared thermal shielding, for use in the military and horticultural fields.

FLIRmask is unique because it is the only thermal radar and signature management material available that is able to perform multiple functions. It can be used as:

Anti-detection foil – protecting locations and/or field equipment with high infrared signal from forward looking infrared (FLIR) detection devices

A heat shielding material – protecting components, equipment, structures or buildings from radiated heat transfer

Hydroponic grow foil & reflective sheeting–improving crop yield and significantly reducing energy leakage thus ensuring significant savings in energy efficiency

FLIRmask is far thinner than comparable foils and films already on the market at just 0.22mm gauge, it is chemical, algae, mould and flame resistant. It is flexible and easy to cut making it easy to install, yet rigid and durable when in place thus is suitable for indoor and outdoor use .

In short, FLIRmask is a high-performing and competitively priced, all-in-one solution for thermal and infrared shielding needs.

The excellent reflective and thermal shielding properties of FLIRmask mean that it is extremely effective when used as a hydroponic grow film. The reflective aluminium layer ensures that the maximum amount of light is reflected back towards the crop, and the woven inner layer of E-glass works to insulate the growing area from heat loss and from expensive thermal leakage. FLIRmask also stops heat and energy loss through the actual structures of the growing crop area, again saving energy and improving the growing conditions for the crop.
Unlike other hydroponic reflective materials FLIRmask consists of a 98% pure aluminium laminate surface, allowing it to reflect light across the full visible and invisible spectrum, greatly increasing its reflective capabilities. The custom designed surface texture mitigates the potential for hot spots and flash points, making it extremely durable and a superb reflector and diffuser of light.
Saving energy is fast becoming an important concern for all farming operations, both because of rising energy costs and because of the growing awareness of the cost to the environment of wasted energy. The detrimental ecological effects that energy consumption have on the planet have been partly addressed by the development of improved insulating materials for our homes and workplaces. FLIRmask offers agricultural business the chance to step effectively and affordably into the future of energy efficient farming – hydroponic grow film. Use of the FLIRmask film allows for grow operations to create an energy efficient, clean, ecologically and bio-friendly crop production environment, which could go some way to help save the planet one crop at a time.
Military Applications of Hydroponic Grow Film

The same hydroponic farming benefits could be achieved using FLIRmask grow film, but with the significant additional benefits of FLIRmask’s infrared anti-detection properties, which would completely mask the infrared signature given off by the crop and hydroponic equipment. The potential benefits this would provide in terms of improved personnel, equipment and crop safety are huge, and the fact that FLIRmask is extremely thin and easy to install, weather, algae, chemical and flame resistant, make it suitable for military application in the most testing of environments.oof with a melting point of up to 650˚C to protect any unwanted hazards in your grow room

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