Hydro bucket 5 Gal DWC | Latest Innovation in Hydroponics | Made in Canada

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DWC Hydrobucket 5 Gal | Latest Innovation in Hydroponics

The Hydrobucket – It’s better than your average bucket!

No need to touch the plant EVER.


The Hydrobucket allows the grower to access nutrient solution without moving the plant. Our purposefully designed side reservoir is perfect for testing pH and EC/ppm, transferring fluid, inspecting roots and interior. A revolutionary and convenient addition to your deep water culture garden. Made in Canada

A cover for the side reservoir is included with each Hydrobucket, all other accessories shown are suggestions and not included with the Hydrobucket. 

The Hydrobucket’s recommended operating volume is 3.5 gallons / 13.2 L 


The hydrobucket gives you easy access for all your growing needs:

  • Food grade plastic
  • Test pH and EC/ppm transfer fluid
  • Inspect roots and interior
  • Increased reservoir volume
  • Unrestricted access
  • New redesigned side lid prevents light leaks
  • Patented

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