Crystal Clear 1lt

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Flushes away salt build up that is locked up in your coco fibre or soil and brings your plants and media back into balance.when a toxic build up occurs plants minerals lock out and your plant suffers nutrient deficiencies and slow growth that drastically effects your yields.

Traditional flushing requires massive amounts of water to be used (60L for a20L pot !)and still doesn't remove all the locked up salts from the fibre.Crystal clear coco flush dissolves locked up mineral salts easily and ensures your plants stay healthy and pumping nutrients.


ADD 5ml per litre of water and flush minimum of 5L of solution for every 20L of coco i.e 20L pot= 5L of solution ,50L Pot=15L of solution allow coco to almost dry out before flushing once more then resuming a half strength nutrient program for 1 week.

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