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Cannatrol Cool Cure For Drying, Curing & Storing | Vaportrol Technology

The Cannatrol Cool Cure is designed for the home grower and offers  pin-point Vaportrol® accuracy for drying, curing and storage in a compact form.  Just plug it in, set your targets ( or use our tested defaults) and start drying and curing up to 2.25 pounds of wet buds with a yield of about 6-7 ounces of dry flower (depending on cultivar).

The Cool Cure is a perfect storage solution for  4-5 pounds of dried buds.

No heat…no over-drying – and importantly…no smell.

The perfect temperature and dew point in your drying, curing andstorage environment.

Increase Yield 

Lock in Terpenes 

Keep product free from mold & pests 

Patented Vaportrol® Technology uses the power of vapor pressureto control your environment and realize the full potential of yourgenetics. 


When drying, curing and storing your harvest, rapid water loss, unstable temperature and uncontrolled moisture are the enemy.

After putting so much effort into your grow, post-harvest is, admit it, stressful. This new, patented technology ends the worry(and burping). Take the guess work and ‘broscience’ (BS) out of drying, curing, and storing. Max out the potential of your genetics! No burping, nomaintenance. Everything is customizable.Data shows a 60%+ increase in terpene retention and over a 15% increase in potency vs traditional dry/cure methods. Water is removed gentlywith no damage to delicate trichomes [all without heating or over-drying]. The Cool Cure™ assures terrific results with every harvest, no matterwhere you are or the time of year. 

Growing and managing small harvests has never been more important.  Home growers and local caregivers growing for patients, want to control every step of the process.  After putting so much care into the grow process, it is critical to assure flowers are dried, cured and stored in a clean, correct environment. Cannatrol Systems takes the guess work, the myths and the ‘broscience’, out of  drying, curing and storing your buds.

Our fully programmable system holds up to 2.2 pounds of wet buds per cycle and can store up to 4 pounds of finished flower in ideal conditions.

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